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who we are

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My Football Mind was founded by Cézanne and Rosie for Parents of Academy players. Cézanne is an Academy Parent with her son currently at Chelsea FC who has just been awarded a scholarship. Over the last ten years, she has witnessed the highs and lows in the world of grassroots and academy level football and felt that there should be more support and guidance in place for parents and players at any stage of their journey.  

Rosie brings a wealth of knowledge in the area of health and well-being having worked in the NHS, sport and charity sectors. Over the years she has worked extensively with young people and has a good understanding of the issues that face young players at the academy level. Rosie is based in London and is a trustee of a men's health charity. 

Jason Lampkin - a former Manchester United academy prospect and subsequent professional footballer at Aston Villa - also recently joined the team to provide inspiration, comfort and guidance for other prospective athletes who find themselves navigating tough times in their fledgeling careers. He brings with him a wealth of experience cultivated from working for top-tier companies in the sports and fitness industries in New York City and London.

We understand the dedication and challenges that are involved when your son or daughter is in the academy system. 

We decided to create the My Football Mind community as we are strong advocates in endeavouring to prevent young players from developing mental health issues in later life. We are all about being proactive and not reactive! We also believe that parents now need a platform from which to source information and interact with other parents to share worries and give advice from their own experiences. 

From our extensive network, we will be providing guidance and support from the most influential and credible people in the football industry to give honest trusted advice at whichever stage your son/daughter is at in their football journey. 

If you are working in the football industry and would like to share your knowledge and experience with our community or via our podcasts we would love to hear from you. 

Cézanne & Rosie  x