what is an intermediary? 

An intermediary is effectively the 'middle man' between a player and a club.


A good intermediary 'manages and mentors' young players so that the player can focus on what he does best, playing football.  

There are lots of horror stories about bad agents but thankfully they are in the minority.

The best agents will be there to offer career advice and ensure that the player makes the correct choices for the short, medium, and long term. 

It is extremely easy these days for anyone to become an agent with virtually no experience of being able to negotiate a deal with a club or be able to advise and help you understand the sometimes complex language of some representation contracts.


In order to register as an agent, they are only required to pay an initial £500 registration fee, an enhanced DBS check if working with minors, and a declaration of good character. 

Therefore as a parent, it is extremely important that you do your own due diligence on anyone that approaches you or the player. 

Some will be promising the world claiming to have great contacts, get the player boot deals, and at worst bribing parents with cash payments. 

Here we will cover all aspects to give you confidence when choosing an agent. 



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  • Do not rush into signing with an intermediary even if they promise the world and claim to represent top players. Get to know them and ensure they have good communication. If you sign with an agent you will be committed to a two-year contract so it is important to make the right decision. ​​

  • Check the FA website to ensure that the intermediary is registered and has no sanctions against him/her. This is updated regularly. (link below)

  • Ask other players who they have as their agent: What does the agent do for them? Have they been there for them in times of adversity as well as when things are going well? 

  • Ask other parents and players for their opinion and referrals.


  •  NEVER pay an agent any money before signing a contract with a club. 

  • Check if the club knows that you are coming for a trial or to sign a contract, or ask if the club knows the agent.

  • Only work with an agent that you have seen and spoken with - not just contacted through social media - There are lots of fake agents contacting players via this method. 


Selecting an intermediary 


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