Our Mission

Our aim is to ensure that young people are supported on and off the pitch with a holistic and person (not just player) centred approach.

We know the many challenges that young people face whilst navigating their journey in the academy system – we have witnessed it first-hand!

We believe that more support is needed during the pre-scholarship and scholarship years when so many factors come into play (physical, social and psychological). Whether that’s from increased pressures on the pitch, leaving home for the first time, changing clubs or changing friendship groups.

We also believe that everyone involved in the young person’s journey should be informed and empowered to support them.

who we are


Cézanne Tobin

Parent of professional player

Cézanne founded My Football Mind with the belief that there should be more support and guidance in place for parents and players at any stage of their journey.

Over the last ten years she has witnessed the highs and lows in the world of grassroots and academy level football and is now the proud mum of a son who has been awarded a professional contract at Chelsea FC. 


Rosie krneta

Trustee of Men's Health Charity 

Rosie is the co-founder and brings a wealth of knowledge in the area of health and well-being having worked in the NHS, sport and charity sectors. Over the years she has a good understanding of the issues that young players face at academy level. Rosie is based in London is also a trustee of a men's health charity.